Fights Couples Always Have When Someone Moves In With Them – Information Nigeria Women

How much to share with the roommate

Your partner may not like to discover that you’ve been talking to the roommate about your relationship issues. He might think that’s personal and it breaks apart the divided front the two of you should be putting up.

Having sex when the roomie is home

You want to have sex, but your partner says it’s rude when the roomie is home. Um, hello, he knew he was moving in with a couple! Oh, now your partner is asking if you can just be quiet during sex. Yes, nothing sets the mood like volume control!

Walking around in skimpy clothes when the roomie is home

You don’t see what the big issue is—it’s just a tank top and shorts! Your boyfriend, however, says it’s a see-through tank top and very short shorts, and you shouldn’t be giving the roommate any ideas. To which you say, “Oh. So if the roommate hits on me it’s my fault?”

What if the roommate starts dating?

What do you do if the roommate starts dating, and their new girlfriend is over all of the time? “It’s his space, he can have people over,” you say. “ Yeah, but we didn’t sign up for two new roommates,” your partner says. “He has to feel comfortable in his home!” you say. “She has her own place they can go to!” he says. Then you both argue over who should tell the roommate that.