Services sector leads as highest employer in Ghana

The services sector has been identified as the one that employs the highest number of people in the business environment.

This is according to the Integrated Business Establishment Survey (IBES) report which was launched by the Ghana Statistical Services.

The Services sector is followed by Agricultural and Industrial sectors.

According to the report, about more than two-thirds of the employments are located in the Greater Accra Region.

The primary focus of the Integrated Business Establishment Survey, IBES is to provide reliable, timely and relevant economic data for the country to help in planning and policy formulation.

According to the Acting Government Statistician, Baah Wadieh, the outcome of the result emphasizes the services sector is a leading contributor to the nation’s economic growth.

He assured business owners data collected are treated with utmost confidentiality.

On his part, Head of Industrial statistics and Coordinator of IBES Anthony Krakah is optimistic the data will help inform potential investors to make right investment plans and policy decisions.

The Business Register will be made available at the various regions in the country as well as the website of the Ghana Statistical Service and various regional coordinating councils for use by researchers and investors.