Registrar General to register businesses In 24 hours

Registrar General S Dept 504x330The office of the Registrar General, Ghana.

The Registrar General Department is going through series of restructuring to automate its system to support a twenty four-hour business registration.

The move is one of the topmost aims of the agency this year.

A number of requirements needed for business registration are being cut to facilitate the move. The payment system of the department and that of the domestic tax unit of the GRA are being converged.

The Ghana Community Network Services Limited (GCNet) is leading the automation drive.

Its General Manager Alwin Hoegerle told Starr Business the automation system will make it possible to conduct business online.

“We have fully automated the processes and changed a lot of the business process themselves to try and make it short and streamline it. We have deployed for them a portal so you can conduct your business online. For example, to make your annual returns, you can check whether your company’s name has been taken or not…you can even pay your fees on line. And provided all your legal documents are there, then within 24-hours you can get your company,” he said.