Monies shouldn’t be misused on 60th anniversary clothes – Afia tells Akufo-Addo

Entertainment of Saturday, 28 January 2017



Afia Schwarzenegger Black GoldAfia Schwarzenegger

Ghana will be celebrating her 60 years anniversary soon and plans are being put in place to ensure that this come to pass; committees are being formed and what have you.

Well, Comedienne & TV Host, Afia Schwarzenegger has written more or less a letter to the President of Ghana, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, can say.

In the letter, Afia Schwarzenegger talked about the fact that at 60 years, Ghana can’t boast of a stable relationship with electricity and water, that people can jobless in the country, and she also talked about the fact that she’s waiting patiently for the change Nana Addo promised.

Afia Schwarzenegger is however pleading with Prez Nana Addo that as a citizen and not spectator, she is wishing that the 60 years celebration will be done differently where monies won’t be squandered on dinner dance, anniversary clothes & more.

On Instagram, she posted

Dear Mr President…

Ghana will be 60 a few days after my birthday and I will be turning 35 years this year..

Looking at my 35 years accomplishment which I started with nothing and A 60 years healthy mother who had it all but chose to squander, I think Granny is not worth celebrating

A 60 yrs Mother who can’t boast of a stable relationship with electricity and water in this modern age

My 60 years mother who got nothing in her accounts but debts…

My 60 years mother whose children are all jobless

My 60 yrs mother that prostitute herself internationally for gas etc is not worth celebrating.. Mr President, some of us are still looking forward to the change you promised..

And as a citizen not a spectator,I plead with your office to be different in this years anniversary celebration ,

Enough of squandering money on dinner dance, anniversary clothes, parties,etc

Enough of squandering money on fuel for aircraft shows etc

Ain’t we tired of watching men in uniform and students march every 6th March

Can we use that day to do something very significant to this nation than printing brochures and partying with other head of states with a nation wide massive clean up exercise whiles our men uniform assist in disposing the rubbish we will gather to avoid flooding?? Etc

Most Ghanaians are looking forward to the change and believe you can deliver.. This is the time to prove yourself as a man of your word.

Thank you so much Sir

God bless you and God bless our homeland Ghana.