How To Get Your Man To Eat Healthier

Do tell him how cute he is

Tell him, every chance you get, how totally scrumptious he is. You never want him to feel that your desire for him to eat healthier is linked to some declining attraction towards him.

Don’t make jokes about his diet

Don’t tease about the fact that you can hear his milk shake sloshing around in his stomach after sex, or how he’s going to turn into a junk if he keeps eating junk. How would you like such comments?

Do go grocery shopping with him

You can make a lot of natural adjustments to your partner’s diet if you simply go grocery shopping with him. Trust me; most men don’t even like to grocery shop so, if you take over this annoying task for him, you can probably take over the shopping list, too.

Don’t say, “That’s not allowed.”

If your partner does toss ice cream in the shopping cart, don’t toss them out and say, “That’s not allowed.” He isn’t your child asking for candy. Just counteract the purchase with a healthy snack that he loves just as much.

Do give him something else to do at night

Whether that’s more sex, a board game, or inviting his friends over to watch something, give him something to do at night other than chomp down on chips and dip. A lot of overeating comes from boredom.

Do make junk food a special occasion

You can and should still enjoy ice cream nights and doughnut mornings together. Just turn these into special outings—plan them, get dressed in a cute outfit for them, and take your treat to a pretty park or spot with a view. Condition your partner to see these foods as special occasion foods and not every night foods.

Do turn the mirror around

This is a slight tough love move but worth a shot. Ask your partner how he would like it if you ate the way that he does. He’ll probably quickly see what he’s putting you through.