HelloKigali participants to apply lessons in Ghana

As the Hello Kigali tour comes to an end, participants of the trip are upbeat about applying some of the activities learnt in Rwanda  in Ghana when they return.

The participants who have been exposed to the technological advancement that has taken place in Kigali tell Citi Business News they are eager to see the same transformation take place in Ghana.

“I think it’s been a great eye opener,  I had expectations when I was coming here, and I think I  have  been blown away so far by the things I have been experiencing, I think one very interesting thing I have noticed so far is in the private sector. The private sector is so key in the way they do things, and then their approach is that they want to support the private sector, so they are so committed and very open to private sector development,” One of the participants Daniel said.

Rwanda has been able to adopt an online system of handling almost all transactions which according to the participants saves time and money.

Head of Citi Business News Desk, Mrs.Vivian Kai Lokko who is leading the delegation of participants highlighted some of the achievements the city of Kigali.

“The participants have been excited about the trip so far because they have had access to key institutions as well as personalities over here. So like you know we arrived on Tuesday, and we started the real business on Wednesday where we, first of all, started with the Rwandan revenue authority where the participants were exposed to how things are done here”. Mrs. Lokko stated.

“Rwanda is known to be big with technology, and they have been able to do a lot of things using technology, for example, they have been able to close the tax net using technology” she added.