Staying in Ghana has been hell – Nana Quame

Entertainment of Friday, 27 January 2017



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His dream was to come back to Ghana and continue doing the wonderful music he did a decade ago but that was not to be because highlife artiste Nana Quame faced challenges that made living in his own country hell.

“Living in Ghana has been hell for me. I packed with the intention of going back to the UK again because my own colleague musicians rejected me. My intention was to come back and surprise Ghanaians with the experience I gained musically in the UK but it’s sad how things turned out,” he told Showbiz in an interview on Tuesday.

Explaining his ordeal, the Atiadonko hitmaker said he was insulted by some of his colleague musicians, adding that no one invited him to shows, sound engineers refused to work with him and artistes he helped in the past failed to feature on his songs.

According to him, he staged a show last year titled Nana Quame and Friends and a company he brought on board to assist duped him to the tune of GH¢200,000.00.

“I spent all my money I brought from UK and I felt there was no place for me in Ghana since almost everyone was turning against me and no help was coming from anywhere,” he lamented.

It was heavy vehicular traffic which resulted in him and his wife and kids missing their flight that prevented Nana Quame from moving back to the UK.

“Living in the UK would have been better because at least I would have something doing there than in my own country where nothing was working for me,” he added.

Known for songs like Odo Shock, As?w Konofo?, Julie, As?m S?b?, Eno Abena, K?y? Meho Adi?, Awodeme among other hits, Nana Quame said he feels he shouldn’t have been treated the way he was because he had paid his dues in the music industry.

“I have seen it all when it comes to music. For Christ’s sake I have won five awards including Artiste of the Year-UK in 2003, Male Vocalist of the Year, Album of the Year, Original Song of the Year all at the Ghana Music Awards and I believe I don’t deserve this,” he said.

According to him, the troubles he went through made him know who his friends were and now he is very careful on who to trust.

Now Nana Quame claims his new single, Guy Guy, is making waves and he is hopeful of breaking through due to the feedback he is receiving in Ghana and beyond.

“God has a way of blessing everyone and I think my trying moments drew me closer to God. I now know God is the only one I can trust. Guy Guy is doing wonders and soon it will be the number one on everyone’s lips,” he said.