Chinese man going home ends up biking 300 miles in wrong direction

A Chinese man accidentally biked several hundred miles in the wrong direction while making his way home after New Year celebration.

The migrant worker had left in December on the 1,056 mile bicycle trip from Rizhao, in Shandong up north to Qiqihar, Heilongjiang province, but was stopped by police in the central Chinese province of Anhui after traveling 310 miles in the wrong direction, according to the BBC.

Officers stopped him for driving on a highway which cannot be used by cyclists and informed him he had been accidentally traveling south.

“We found it strange that someone was cycling on the motorway,” police said, according to The Telegraph.

The man told police he could not read maps or road signs and was forced to rely on asking people for directions, which left him traveling the wrong way for nearly half the trip.

He also explained he had been living in internet cafes and did not have enough money to purchase a train ticket.

Once they learned of his mistake police and toll workers paid for the man’s ticket home, UPI reports.