Hello Kigali: Participants learn from Rwanda’s success in Real Estate

On top of the agenda for participants of Citi FM’s Hello Kigali Business tour today, will be an interaction with authorities which oversee critical sectors of the Rwandese Economy such as the Real Estate, Construction and Manufacturing amongst others.

Participants will also have the opportunity to meet with the President of Rwanda’s commercial High Court as they enter day three of the hello Kigali business Tour.

The participants, who arrived in Rwanda on Tuesday, yesterday visited and interacted with authorities of two key institutions, the Rwandan Revenue Authority and IREMBO and also visited the Kigali Free Zone.

Through technology, the Rwandan Revenue Authority has been transformed into an efficient and reliable organization.

While the creation of  IREMBO an eGovernment Portal which rides on the back of technology, as well as the Kigali Free Zone, has also led to the significant eradication of bureaucratic challenges and massive growth of the business sector respectively.

One of the participants who shared with Citi Business News her takeout from yesterday’s session said she intends to implement some of the policies being rolled out in Rwanda.

“According to them they have 90% of their filing done online with only 10% who are not involved and I think we have to emulate that. We have to improve upon our electronic system to catch-up with them.”

She added, “Based on what we have heard and what we seen we can put all these applications on our mobile phones and them use them; like e-filing, apps on mobile like Registrar General we can have our e-registrar application on our mobile phones so wherever you are you can file your returns, you can register your business irrespective of where you are.”

By: Vivian Kai Lokko/citibusinessnews.com/Rwanda