Tips That Would Save You From Embarrassment When On Your Period

Many embarrassing moments happen to us, women, when we’re on our period, like blood stains, sudden blow-ups and period cramps.

1. To avoid the most common embarrassment when you’re on your period, which are blood stains when you’re out, is to wear colorful or printed clothes, this way if it happened suddenly it won’t be as obvious as they appear on white pants for example.

2. Be prepared for surprises by keeping a backup pad in places you always go to or use, like the drawer of your desk at work, your locker in the gym and even in your car, this way you’ll always avoid the embarrassment of forgetting your period pads.

3. Another way that will save you the embarrassment caused by periods, is to fill all of your handbags with backup pads. Do it once every month just to be prepared.

4. When you’re on your period, wear tight or elastic under pants, this way your pad will stay in place. Vast or easy going panties will cause leakage one way or another.

5. Also, choose something slim to sleep with, as it will make you feel safe and will support the period pad even more.

6. If you’re going out and suffering from terrible period cramps, don’t think twice about using a hot bladder on your stomach. It will relief the pain instantly!

7. Cinnamon drinks are the best way to relief blow up and period cramps.