Its Important You Leave The Honeymoon Phase

If you can’t reach that ecstatic, always feeling a little buzzed, floating-on-cloud-nine state with somebody, then you probably shouldn’t be with that person. Every couple is entitled to the honeymoon phase! And they should drink it up as much as they can. That being said, there is a negative idea revolving around exiting the honeymoon phase. Many people seem to believe that once you leave the honeymoon phase, you go immediately into arguing and being insufferably bored with one another, and that’s simply not true (not for healthy relationships, at least). Here is why it’s actually quite nice to get out of the honeymoon phase, so stop being so afraid when it happens.

After the honeymoon: You no longer panic about plans

It’s okay to make last-minute plans. You know you’ll find some way to see each other, even if you have to squeeze it in between other plans.

After the honeymoon: More sleep

After the honeymoon phase, you are more practical; you think about how long it will take to drive over, find parking and get ready for bed. If it’s late, you go to bed at your won place, and you say, “I’ll just see you tomorrow.”

After the honeymoon: No sex is no big deal

Later, you have a connection far beyond sex and don’t notice if a few days go by without it.

After the honeymoon: you call each other out

After the honeymoon phase, you’re more comfortable calling each other out, it doesn’t have to be a big deal, and you move past a dispute quickly.

After the honeymoon: You can just say, “That’s not my thing.”

After the honeymoon phase, you can take some of your Sunday afternoons back. You can tell your boo that you’re really not into vintage superhero comic book conventions and he should invite someone else while you sleep in.

After the honeymoon phase: You feel secure

After the honeymoon phase, you feel secure in the fact that you are the only person your partner wants to be with. You know he has had plenty of time to assess the situation, consider other partners, and he’s realized you’re his best fit.