7 TOUGH Qs To Ask If You Want To Get Over Your Spouse’s Affair


Use the examples below as a way to get thinking (and observing yourself) and then come up with your own list.  

Tough Question #1: “In what ways do I feel most disconnected from my partner?”  

Tough Question #2: “What are my partner’s habits that add to mistrust and distance?” 

Tough Question #3: “What are my habits that push my partner away and add distance?”  

Tough Question #4: “What’s one specific action (could be a repeatable action) I would like my partner to take to help rebuild trust?”  

Tough Question #5: “What am I willing to do differently to bring positive change to our relationship?”  

Tough Question #6: “What is one sign that my relationship is starting to heal?” 

Tough Question #7: “What type of support would I like to receive (from my partner, my friends and family, or even from myself)?” 

Rebuilding trust and your relationship can take time. Be sure to return to the tough questions you have (and these may change as you go along) and keep engaging with the questions and honoring your answers.