Use youtube to learn how to cook – Counselor Adofoli

Entertainment of Friday, 20 January 2017

Source: Ghanaweb


Counselor Adofoli Newlyplay videoCounselor Frank Adofoli

Renowned Counselor Frank Adofoli has advised women who do not know how to cook to learn recipes on YouTube.

The Counselor who says he partially agree with Bishop Adeboye on his assertion that men should not marry women who can’t cook explained that one of the major responsibilities of a woman is to cook a healthy meal for her family.

However, with the changing trends in the society, cooking has become very difficult for some ladies due to their nature of work.

Mr Adofoli advised women who struggle with cooking to use Youtube to better their skills on Lifestyles , an exclusive segment on

However, he disagreed with the notion that men should not marry women who could not pray for continuous one hour.

He said one should marry a person who is in tune with God rather than a prayer warrior.