Reason why I quit saying ‘to my niggas on the block’ – Sarkodie

Entertainment of Thursday, 19 January 2017



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Has it ever occurred to you why Sarkodie all of a sudden stopped saying ‘to ma niggas on the block in his songs? Gone are the days when almost every Sarkodie song had that word in it.

Well, to some people Sarkodie now feels he’s having the money and fame and therefore decided to dawg his ‘niggas on block’.

But according to Sarkodie, he had to stop using those words in his songs because radio presenters and DJs started complaining that the word ‘nigga’ is a swear word and therefore not radio friendly, as in the word ‘nigga’ is not allowed on radio.

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When asked about the whole Rich Nigga Shit-RNS and why no radio edit, he said,

“I didn’t put that song out myself. It was leaked my the Possigee. You know in the studio, when creativity hit you like that, you just have to let it go as in controlling your choice of words. But yes, we now have the radio edit, and that’s the same reason I stopped saying ‘to my niggas on the block’. Radio presenters and DJs kept complaining that the word is not radio friendly, so I just have to stop saying it in my songs.”