Why criticize when you have to justify later? – Nikki Samonas asks

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Entertainment of Thursday, 19 January 2017

Source: asempanews.com


Nikki CriticsNikki Samonas

Nikki Samonas cannot bring herself to understand why some people have made it their personal business to criticize others.

The actress stressed that every criticism require one to take a defensive stance to justify why they said one thing or the other.

“Don’t criticize. In fact it’s easy to criticize… But we must try not to. The response?,There’s often resentment and a means to justify it,” she said in a post on her Instagram page.

She thus advised against unnecessary rantings about people as it tends to invite reactions that create a ripple effect usually unpleasant.

The hot actress has come under attacks in the past for flashing her boobs on the red carpet.

Well, Nikki who replied them that her ‘two apples’ were her most treasured asset and thus she chooses to flaunt them has kept her cool despite these criticisms.

She however warned in her closing lines that, “the ripple effect from such bickering are unpleasant and “no one wants that.”

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