Sea lion hitches rides on boats to beg for fish

A visitor to Mexico’s Baja Peninsula captured video of a local sea lion showing off his signature trick — jumping onto moving boats to beg for food.

Chris Taylor posted a video to YouTube Tuesday showing the sea lion, dubbed Pancho by locals, hopping up on the back of a moving boat to beg for fish.

A man on the boat gets out a fish to give Pancho, but ends up dropping it over the side of the vessel.

“There is a colony of Sea Lions that live only about 40 yards away from ‘the arch’ at the tip of the Baja Peninsula, right next to world famous ‘lover’s beach,’” Taylor wrote. “‘Pancho’ catches rides into the marina for meals and swims back out to the next fishing vessel for more. I decided if reincarnation exists, I want to be a Sea Lion in Cabo next go-round for sure. Too bad the human on this boat fails at feeding!”

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