People will search for my old records when the season is right – Trigmatic

Entertainment of Wednesday, 18 January 2017



Trig NewTrigmatic

Not your regular Ghanaian or African musician with so much hype, he’s indeed a versatile artist who doubles as a radio personality with YFM in Ghana; one you would love to see perform or sit back and listen to since he loves to break away from the norm.

However, is his approach and respect for details as an artist helping Nana Yaw Oduro- Agyei otherwise known as Trigmatic to reach his full potential as an artist? Is he being appreciated for his craft as much as he should be?

These questions and many more I (NY DJ) pondered over hence my recent interview with him.

In a recent interview on my breakfast radio, Trigmatic explained he feels worried at times but as a strong individual he believed things will fall in place when the times and seasons are right.

“Sometimes, the idea will pop in your head that what’s the problem?…You may sometimes even be hard on yourself but I think I’m a bit of strong willed person… I used to worry about some of these things when I was younger I used to worry about some of these things but growing up….

It’s a season, it’s a time that will come and when it comes, all the songs that people didn’t pay attention, they’ll dance to it, they’ll want more of it”.

Trigmatic also spoke about his new album (MATIC) and features.

He also talked about his performance at Felabration, encounter with legendary Nigerian Daddy Showkey and also passed a piece on heated discussions about Ghana’s influence on Nigerian music.

Listen to full interview: