On Twitter With The #LiesCheatingMenSay Was Alive And Thriving

We felt it was our duty to educate our readers on said lies in case you’re looking at a man who is about to drop one of these lines on you right now. And, of course, we’d also love to hear a few of the crazy lies you’ve been told. Feel free to share them in the comments section and spread the word.

She’s just just a friend…. She’s like a sister to me. #LiesCheatingMenSay

#LiesCheatingMenSay you the only Girl that I’ve told this too

I’ll Make America Great Again #LiesCheatingMenSay

After everything we have been thru? Why would I do anything to destroy wat we have? #LiesCheatingMenSay

You only think I’m cheating because you’re afraid of something real #LiesCheatingMenSay

#LiesCheatingMenSay “You can believe whatever you want.”

#liescheatingmensay why would I cheat on you when we have been together all these years?