Little Signs That Show You’ve Spoiled Your Spouse

He panics a little when you have girls’ night

He really doesn’t like the idea of you being totally unavailable for an entire night. You’ll be unavailable to listen to him complaining about his boss, unavailable for sex, and unavailable for preparing snacks.

He panics a little if you don’t answer the phone

If you always stop what you’re doing to take his calls—like you’ve never missed a call from him—he’ll become pretty spoiled. Later, if you do miss a call, he’ll begin to text you and say “It’s urgent” when really, he just wants to know how long the soup needs reheating.

He texts from the other room for the remote control

He texts you from the other room to bring him the remote control. And when you get to the room, he asks you to adjust the lights, close the window, and pull the blanket over his shoulder.

If you don’t make plans, nobody does

If you do not reach out to friends, look up concert schedules and crosscheck calendars, the two of you would literally do nothing. Your partner has begun to rely on you to be his social coordinator.

When he wants to have sex, he just says so

He just looks over from his spot on the couch, grins a little, and says, “Wanna?” No more seduction; no more making out.