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Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Akufo-Addo’s loud silence as NPP supporters wreck havoc

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From bloody attacks on school feeding caterers to the violent takeover of tollbooths, supporters of the governing NPP are wrecking havoc across the country.

They’re bent on attacking and seizing public installations they claim are being manned by supporters of the previous government.

The attacks have attracted swift reactions from many respected individuals in society including the chairman of the Peace Council, Most Reverend Emmanuel Asante.

There’s however concern about the President’s loud silence on the matter.

Inside a little shack in Accra’s slum of Old Fadama, a shivering man mutters as he attempts to narrate a threat on his life. He is one of many perceived supporters of the opposition NDC being hunted down by loyalists of the governing NPP.

The men looking for him to beat wielded clubs and cutlasses and were hell-bent on shedding blood.

“People are living in fear and it’s like they want to fight back if they’re attacked,” he finally gathers the energy to tell his story.

It’s been a month of bloody attacks, sometimes bloody, across Ghana. The Tema tollbooth, the Ratray Park in Kumasi, the Passport Office in Accra are a few of the place attacked in recent times.

In the Ashanti Region town of Ejura Sekyedumase school feeding caterers perceived to be supporters of the NDC were wounded and chased out of a school.

Some of the teachers suffered various injuries. The result is that many of the children would no longer go to school for fear of being attacked….again.

“The children did not come to school. The school feeding caterers did not come either. Everyone fears they’ll be attacked,” a teacher in the area told JoyNews.

Post-election protests may be normal but how political actors handle them matters a lot!

After the recent US elections supporters of president-elect Donald Trump went on the rampage attacking Blacks and Latinos.

But Mr Trump, although considered a terrible man, called his supporters to order during a CNN interview.

“Stop it,” he said.

A similar violent situation is playing out in Ghana but the President Akufo-Addo is yet to show the same leadership.

The situation has reached a point where highly respected individuals in the society are demanding that the president Akufo-Addo calls his supporters to order. IDEG boss Emmanuel Akwetey wants action.

Chairman of the Peace Council Most Rev Emmanuel Asante is worried about this state of affairs.

And the call to action being demanded from President Akufo-Addo may just be in order because he was swift in condemning similar reported attacks on his supporters prior to the election. He chided the security agencies for not acting.

“Our increasingly loud calls for peace [are] because the government is not trying to build any confidence measures to assure the citizens that the security agencies have a free hand to do their work in an impartial manner. Many people do not feel that the security agencies are party colour blind in performing their duties,” he said.

Now the tables have turned. Nana Akufo-Addo is in power. After his inauguration, the president has delivered a series of speeches at various public events across the country. But in all these there was no word on the violent attacks by his supporters. Nay! Rather it’s been talk about scripture and agriculture.

The now opposition NDC is warning of retaliation which could disrupt the peace being enjoyed by the people.

And if that happens the ordinary Ghanaian will bear the brunt. Nana Akufo-Addo must not only act. He must be seen to be acting.

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