19-year-old bedridden after police brutality wants justice

A 19-year-old final year student of the Dalun Roman Catholic Junior High School in the Northern region has become bedridden and unable to continue his education after he was shot by a policeman.

Abdul Ganiu said he returning from remedial classes on his bike in December last year when a bullet fired by the police who were in the community to effect the arrest of the assemblyman hit him.

His father, Abdul Rahman, is appealing to the Inspector General of Police (IGP) to institute an inquiry into the shooting as efforts to get the police to investigate the matter has proven futile. 

Speaking to Joy News’ Martina Bugri, his father said his son has been in severe pain for the past four weeks. 

He said the family hard hit by the incident has been seeking relief for Ganiu by moving him from once place to another since he was shot. 

“We had to move him out of the Tamale West Hospital because we could not afford the bills,” he said. 

According to Mr Rahman, they sent Ganiu to the police before moving him to the Tamale West Hospital, “but after a while, we had to send him to the village because of the bills.”

He added that all he is seeking is support for his bedridden son who is unable to go back to school.

Mr Rahman is also demanding a strong sanction against the culprits. 

“What I want is an investigation into the matter to take away the pain we are suffering now,” he added. 

The victim told Joy News he is unable to study or sleep at night because of the severity of the pain, fears it is likely to affect his results in the upcoming Basic Education Certificate Exam (BECE). 

“The bullet entered my body and the pain is not allowing me to do anything. I want to go back to school and join my colleagues. What they did to me is not fair, I want this investigated and the culprits brought to book,” a frustrated teary Ganiu told Joy News.