‘Y3bro daada’ is a definition of Highlife music- Paa Kwasi

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Music of Monday, 16 January 2017

Source: blagogee.com


Paakwesi Dobble1Paa Kwasi

Paa Kwasi said in an interview with blagogee.com. the rate at which my latest HighLife song is picking is beyond my imagination

According to him, the current song is gaining lots of airplay after his breakup from the group Dobble, and assured fans of more which is on the pipeline.

He asserted that the latest high life song was not released by him [Paa Kwasi], but his phenomenal producer George O’tion.

“The fact is I was supposed to release my single which I dedicated to couples titled ‘Wat a feelin’ until this banger came to spoil my moves but I believe that very soon I will drop it, he said”.

He added: “I want to thank legend Obuoba JA Adofo and his band City Boys international band.

Listen below: