Expresso workers head to NCA over salary arrears

Workers of Telecommunication Company, Expresso, have disclosed to Citi Business News they will file an official complaint with the National Communications Authority (NCA) over the failure of the telecom company to pay them salaries owned them.

According to the workers, the non-payment of their salaries for over 2 years has compelled them to make the move to ensure their remuneration is retrieved.

The telecom workers last year, held a demonstration to protest against management over their refusal to pay workers’ salaries.

They also argued that management has deprived them off their rightful benefits such as SSNIT, provident Fund and Medicare.

In an interview with Citi Business News, Chairman of the Expresso local workers’ union, Samuel Afari said they will be meeting with the mother union on the matter on the way forward.

“We are still waiting for our management to turn things around and then we move on. But we are in operation; just that we are not widespread all over the country just major in Accra basically. You know all that we are doing we do it in conjunction with our mother union so we will have a meeting with them and take a decision.”

Mr Afari further stated that he is hopeful authorities of Expresso will settle all arrears owed workers within the first quarter.

“We are in a new year and we hope that a new program should roll out and then make sure things work. This first quarter we should be able to take something other than that it will be difficult.” He stated.

NCA to revoke Expresso’s license

Earlier the National Communications Authority (NCA) began the processes to revoke the license of telecommunication company Expresso.

According to the NCA’s Director for Engineering Henry Kanor the prolonged inactivity of Expresso is affecting industry stakeholders and creating a shortfall in the revenue targets of the regulator and government.

He tells Citi Business News there will be a policy statement on Expresso if it fails to get an investor to invest in the company soon.

He further told Citi Business News that the prolonged inactivity of Expresso is disturbing which is affecting the company’s sub-contractors, workers and all other stakeholders.

By: Jessica Ayorkor Aryee/