Airtel employees support Salvation Army school in Adaklu

Airtel Ghana, winner of the Global Carrier Award for best CSR initiative, has yet again demonstrated commitment to education by organizing a ‘back to school’ event for the pupils of the Adaklu Abuadi Salvation Army School in the Volta Region.

The pupils who resumed school on 10th January were officially welcomed back to school on 13th January through an exciting engagement session with employees of Airtel Ghana under the company’s School Adoption Initiative.

The day was spent reenergizing the pupils for the just resumed term after a long and exciting holiday break. Employees of the company spent time mentoring and empowering pupils to work hard and pursue their dreams in line with the company’s commitment to unleash the potential of young people.

Airtel employees also engaged the pupils in games, short quizzes and other competitive activities and donated educational supplies including exercise books, school bags, math sets, writing materials and others to over the 300 pupils of the school.

Airtel Ghana has over the years worked, not only to improve the standard of teaching and learning at its adopted schools but also to inspire pupils to strive for excellence in their academic pursuit.

Senior managers and executive members of Airtel have all joined hands to make this a reality by taking time off to visit and interact with pupils from all adopted schools.


Director of Legal and Corporate Affairs at Airtel Ghana, Hannah Agbozo, commented, “At Airtel, we are big believers in empowering young people to fully realise their potential through education. Through our Schools Adoption programme, we continue to support several schools across the country by investing in infrastructure such as classroom blocks, Libraries and ICT centers to facilitate effective teaching and learning”.

“Aside committing resources to improve infrastructure, our employees have consistently led the effort to inspire, mentor and spend time to shape the minds of the next generation of leaders across all our adopted schools. Today’s session with pupils of Adaklu Salvation Army has been truly energizing. Our commitment to support these schools and education in general will continue to be a central theme in our CSR investment well into the future,” she concluded.


The Head teacher of the Adaklu Abuadi Salvation Army School, Mary Dzakpoh expressed her appreciation for Airtel’s undying commitment to her school, she said “we have been working with the company for over four years now and they have never failed in their commitment towards the school. Their employees are always friendly, open and ready to inspire these young ones to be their very best. We are very grateful for their support and we hope that the friendship only gets better.”

The Adaklu Abuadi Salvation Army School is one of Airtel’s adopted schools under its school-adoption initiative. Under the initiative the company works closely with the Ghana Education Service to improve the quality and delivery of education to children in underprivileged communities.

Credit: Airtel Ghana