No Tribe prepares for a new album in 2017

Music of Saturday, 14 January 2017



No Tribe 2017 1No Tribe have not been releasing albums for some time now.

For the past years in our gospel music industry, it seems the competition and the buzz in it has been on all time low. Some of the factors contributing to this low buzz include the fact that some vibrant groups like Soul Winners and No Tribe have not been releasing albums.

At the moment, Flex newspaper can authoritatively state that the buzz is about to get better as we have gathered reliable information that the multiple award winning group is about to release another album soon.

This information was made available to us in a recent conversation with Nacee who happens to be the leader and president of the No Tribe group when our reporters called him for his new year message to fans and supporters of his products.

“I want to say thank you through your medium Flex newspaper to all ardent followers of No Tribe. We appreciate their support in buying tickets to our concerts, buying our albums and promoting our works on social media. We would not have come this far without your support. Also, we want to apologize to the fans for not giving them any album last year. It happened because I was pursuing a solo project called The Counselor and now that I am done with it, I am promising them that they should expect a power packed album in no time” Nacee told Flex newspaper in chat.

Our quest to get the details of the album proved futile as Nacee told our reporters that some final decisions have not been made on the album yet so he is being careful not to put out any information he is likely to come out and retract soon.

The only details he provided to our reporter was the fact that the whole production was done in his self owned Tone Hall studio in Mataheko with diferent producers and other artistes featuring on the album.

If this album comes out, it will be the fourth for No Tribe with the previous ones being “The Alter (Aforemukyia, Three and One God”. Fingers are crossed for the final release date from the energetic group on the stage.