IF A Guy Does These 10 Things On A First Date, He Is Really Into You

Below, you’ll find a few things guys do on a date that hint that they’re into you.

1. He actually showed up on time. Punctuality is important. And if he values your time, he’s just as excited as you are.

2. His mannerisms quickly go from tense and awkward to cool and comfortable. If he’s becoming more relaxed, it’s because he feels OK to let his guard down. Things must be flowing in the right direction.

3. Your conversations are deeper than boring, small talk. Has the topic of the weather not come up yet? You’re golden. He’s not just pretending; he actually wants to get to know you.

4. He maintains eye contact. Not only do you look spectacular, but you’ve given him absolutely no reason to gaze off anywhere else.

5. He keeps his phone in his pocket all night. Despite a lively group chat, a very active Instagram, if he doesn’t succumb to his phone, then you’ve become the top priority of the night.

6. He keeps leaning in and inching closer.

7. Your quick happy hour plan somehow turned into an all-night affair. If he claims to have post-date plans, that’s usually just a safety net. But if you bring up those plans, and he exclaims they’re suddenly cancelled, you’re in.

8. He’s been cheesing like a small child all night. No, it’s not a botox injection. If you’re already making him smile so hard it hurts, something about you has him smitten!

9. He giggles uncontrollably at your terrible jokes. Though you’re not trying to be funny, he seems to find you hilarious. Embrace it.

10. He lays one on you before the night’s even over. Well… this is an obvious one. Did he whip out ChapStick multiple times during dinner? He’s been waiting to plant one on you before you even sat down.