I’ll focus on ICT, manufacturing et al – Business Dev’t Minister Nominee

The Minister nominee for ministry of Business Development Ibrahim Mohammed Awal has listed infrastructure, manufacturing, ICT and services as key areas his ministry will pay attention to when given the nod by Parliament.

“The young people, boys and girls of this country need jobs; we can only do that through the private sector initiatives. We need to coordinate all the investments coming into this country; infrastructure, manufacturing in ICT and in services,” Mr. Awal stated.

President Nana Akufo Addo during the announcement of Mr. Awal’s nomination said the key feature of the newly created ministry will be to ensure the growth of the business community as well deal with its challenges.

Justifying his nomination of Ibrahim Mohammed Awal for the portfolio, President Nana Akufo Addo said,

“He was a very successful Managing Director of the Daily Graphic Corporation an extremely successful business man, very wide exposure in the private sector of our country has a tremendous record in initiating investments and in promoting businesses.”

Nana Addo added, “The development of business is the central feature of the work we want to do and we need that for a vibrant business community in Ghana. It is the tool that will bring about the transformation and development in our country.”

Ibrahim Mohammed Awal who spoke to the media after his nomination on Thursday said the private sector must have easy access to funds.

“We need to ensure that we have a lot of investments. The private sector has a lot of problems such as the lack of finance and capacity. So we need to make sure that we help the businesses have access to funding and then let them apply modern business practices and technology by which they can improve, expand and employ a lot of people.”

The Minister Nominee also asserted that, “We are supposed to make sure that we coordinate all the investment programs of various ministries in government and direct them to very critical business sectors of the economy so we can improve the country and the lives of the people.”

By: Anita Arthur/citibusinessnews.com/Ghana