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Citi FM’s ‘Hello Kigali’ business trip slated for January 24th

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Citi FM will from 24th to 28th January, 2017 roll out its first business tour to Rwanda, dubbed ‘Hello Kigali’.

The Hello Kigali tour, will expose business leaders in the private and public sectors, managers, entrepreneurs and individuals to a first-hand experience on how Rwanda with its recent genocide  history, turned around its story, to become an investment hub in Africa.

Despite the impact of Rwanda’s genocide story on the country’s political and socio-economic fundamentals, major reforms have made it one of the most sought after economies in Africa and around the globe.

Participants of the Hello Kigali tour will visit key institutions that have shaped the Rwandese success story bordering on economy, politics, infrastructure as well as tourism.

One of the major experiences will be the much talked about virtually spotless city of Kigali due to a strict law enforcing city authority.

Unlike others across the continent, the Kigali City authorities have largely been successful with the ban on the use of plastics.

Participants will be visiting the one stop center in Kigali City where issuance of construction permits is coordinated.

Other government institutions that will host participants include; the Rwanda Development Board (RDB), the Rwanda Revenue Authority (RRA) and the Government Online service (Irembo) which have been influential in creating the conducive environment to attract investments into the East African country, facilitated the payment of taxes for revenue generation as well as providing government services online with ease, efficiency and reliability respectively.

Other highlights of the trip include a visit to the Kigali Free Zone, Rwanda Natural Resources Authority (RNRA) as well as Rwanda’s Commercial High Court.

Perhaps one of the experiences that will linger on the minds of participants will be a tour of the Genocide Memorial in Kigali.

The fee for the trip is $2,450 and covers five star hotel accommodation, visa, return trip tickets, breakfast, dinner and transportation among others.

To register and be part of the tour interested persons can visit www.citibusinessnews.com to register or call 0248770925.

In an era where technology forms the basis of almost all facets of human interaction, Rwanda has leveraged on the application of technology making it the leading sub-Saharan country with the most affordable internet, according to Alliance for Affordable Internets 2015-16 affordability report released on February 22, 2016.

According to the Country Manager for RwandAir in Ghana, Shukrani Edy Hemedy, Rwanda has managed a fast comeback after the genocide due to the adoption of technology to boost its business operations.

“We have indeed expanded our technology offers; from our airlines through to the commercial buses. Another way is that President Kagame himself is promoting IT in the country with his strong presence on social media platforms. This automatically attracts people to engage in the same way and makes it relatively cheaper to offer technology services,” he stated.

”Every new high rise building must have internet connection otherwise you will not have a construction permit. It’s the way forward as everything is going online now,” the Legal Consultant and Head of Doing Business at the Rwanda Development Board, Karim Tushabe told Citi Business News ahead of the tour.

By: citibusinessnews.com

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