17 Ways to Woo Your Spouse Even When You Never See Them


According to familyshare, here are the best ideas for ways to woo your spouse or significant other, even when you never see them:

1. Leave a mint on their pillow

2. Write a note and place it on their windshield to find after a long day

3. Print a picture of the two of you when you were first together and tape it on the mirror.

4. Send a text reminding them of a happy memory

5. Cut out a picture of a romantic getaway and suggest making plans

6. Leave a voicemail telling them how much you appreciate them

7. Write a sweet note and leave it in their pocket

8. Pack a snack you know they’ll like – nothing says love like food

9. Create a photo collage and slip it into their purse/briefcase

10. Have their car washed and gassed up for no reason

11. Do their chores – mow the grass, clean the kitchen – then take the time they would’ve spent on that and do something fun.

12. Find a picture that best represents your future goals and pin it up with a love note attached.

13. Make a list of date night suggestions for when you do have time together and keep it visible.

14. Buy a gift and leave it in a surprising spot

15. Leave them a phone message with a compliment

16. Drop by the office with a picnic

17. Buy them a card and let them find it as a surprise