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Entertainment of Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Source: Counselor Frank Adofoli


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It’s funny how “will you marry me” can get some women crazy, but little do people know that marriage has the power to break or make. I truly believe Adam would still have been in the beautiful Garden of Eden if not the getting of the blessing of a wife.

Anytime you receive a blessing, it’s the same time you have your major attacks, it’s at the time people pray for you to fail, it is when your enemies pretend to be your friends as they still wait to see you fail.

It is amazing how your Ex’s get in touch just after you are married; how lovely and nice they suddenly become, how attentive and caring they become, lobbying for the position of counselors in your marriage when they have not even married before. When they awfully failed in the test of dating but think they are teachers of marriage.

Sadly most young married couples fall for this, they allow these companies of people, conversations, and attention; then soon they are corrupted. The beautiful bride or handsome groom they got married to becomes the ugliest, the worst mistake they have ever made.

They eat the fruit of lies and get bound to the extent that the only vocabulary they know is divorce. Making them sin against God. They cause God to drive them away from the union of blessings they enjoyed, into the wilderness of curses.

Marriage is never a contract for those who think when I marry and things go wrong, I will divorce and marry another. Marriage is a covenant, once it ties on earth; it ties in heaven so it’s important you take your time carefully when it comes to the decision of a life partner.

Once you make a choice, protect it with your life, never let it go else you will lose some blessings and privileges you are enjoying now. When Eve got corrupted she infected the husband with the same sickness. For the bible says the two shall be one.

If you are single now and the man or woman you want to marry now is showing a behavior which is not right, it’s either he or she changes before you agreed to marry them or you let them go, but never marry them and think they will change later.

Never marry them and think because they claimed they will change, they will. Never marry them and think they will change because they claim they love you. Never marry them and think because you love them you can change them.

Marry someone because you choose to stay with them in good and bad times, happy and sad moments. This is what Adam did, he lived with the bad wife and out of that union came about the Saviour of the world Jesus Christ. In conclusion “Don’t fool yourselves. Bad friends will destroy you” – 1 Corinthians 15:33 (CEV).

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