Focusing On Other Couple’s Highlights Can Ruin Your Relationship

With everyone updating their Facebook relationship status and uploading images on Instagram with hastags and on Twitter, more relationships are open on social media.

They are there for everyone to see, the new car “boo” just got, the fancy restaurant he took you to and all nine-yards.

Sometimes you are genuinely happy for those people but sooner or later, you start to wonder why your own “boo” cant take you somewhere fancy, or buy you expensive gifts for valentine.

When such thoughts start to creep in, you might start to have problems that would have never been there in first place in your relationship.

But because you are so eager to find out what Maryann got for valentine because she’ll post in on twitter, so you stalk and stalk.

You want to know what Amara got on her birthday, you stalk her facebook page non-stop.

If you want a healthy relationship, you have to turn a blind eye to the Social Media Frenzy relationship hype, most of them are stunts, and even if they weren’t, that’s not you, or your partner so never compare.