Taxi drivers increase fares by 20 percent

Some commercial drivers have already begun adjusting their fares following the increase in fuel prices in the first pricing window in January.

Checks by Citi Business News with some floating taxi drivers in the nation’s capital reveal that fares have been increased by about 20 percent.

“For those of us floating drivers, we are at the mercy of the customers; some agree to adjustments in fares while others don’t; following the increases in petroleum prices, I charge 12 cedis for a distance I used to charge 10 cedis before the increase,” one taxi driver stated.

Another taxi driver who operates within the central business district asserted, “In fact the passengers are our greatest challenge because they insist on paying the old fares. But if the passenger doesn’t oppose, I could charge 10 cedis for distances that I use to charge 8 or 7 cedis.”

The price of petrol and diesel went up between 8 and 11 percent for the first pricing window in January this year.

The development is likely to reflect in the increases to be announced for the year.

The 20 percent increase in transport fares is however high compared to the 15 percent increase announced in January last year.

At the time, the prices of petroleum products had gone up between 18 to 30 percent.

The Ghana Road Co-ordinating Council is however yet to meet with the Transport Ministry over possible increase in transport fares this year.

According to the General Secretary of the GRTCC, Andrews Kwayke, the council is yet to meet with the Transport Ministry to decide new adjusted fares for the year.

But the taxi drivers believe their new fares could be more effective if the mother union announces new fares.

“We are really being affected by the increased prices; even though some of the passengers pay the old fare of say 10 cedis, others are ready to pay the revised fares we tell them. I would have wished that the GPRTU quickly announces the increase so we don’t get inconvenienced,” one driver also remarked.

By: Pius Amihere Eduku/