11 Ghanaians allegedly shot dead in Togo

At least 11 Ghanaians, all men, have reportedly been shot dead in an attack by unknown gunmen at the Benin/Togo border near Mongo in northern Togo.

The shooting incident which happened some 26 kilometres from the border with Ghana killed people who are believed to be victims of ‘modern day slavery’ who have gone to hustle in other countries.

The deceased are reported to hail from Saboba and Chereponi in Northern Ghana and were returning home after a year-long toil working on farm fields of wealthy commercial farmers in Nigeria.

The deceased are said to have been crossed by armed robbers who shot them and took their motorbikes, monies and other valuables when they were returning home. 

A former assemblyman for Wanjuga in the Northern Region, Kofi Kwadwo Daniel, who visited the hospital where the victims were sent to in Togo told Adom News’ Illiasu Abdul Rauf that, he found Ghanaians passports on some of the deceased.

Others he said had voters ID cards bearing names of people of Kokomba and Nanumba decent. 

According to Mr Daniel the bodies have been deposited at the Kara Hospital mortuary in Togo.

The Togo Police according to reports are calling on Ghanaian residents living around Chereponi, Bunkprugu and Saboba to visit the Kara Hospital to identify and collect the bodies of their relatives.