How badly do you want change? – Jessica Opare Saforo asks

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Entertainment of Sunday, 8 January 2017



Jess B AJessica Opare Saforo

Radio and TV presenter Jessica Opare Saforo has shared a message of change, the same time Ghana keenly observes the swearing in of new President, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo.

In an Instagram post, she said, “The only thing that hasn’t changed about me is my smile… Change is possible. How bad do you want it?”

The popular presenter who surprised everyone with a drastic transformation in her physique, shared a picture which shows Jessica of 4 years ago in juxtaposition with Jessica in 2017.

Miss Opare Saforo whose drastic weight loss has inspired many added, “I’m physically stronger, mentally discipline and critical of my food choices. Picture on the left was taken in 2013. Picture on the right last week”.

She then posed the question to her fans “Change is possible. How bad do you want it?”

Below is the post