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Bra Mistakes You’re Probably Making

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While loose and roomy might be great for your clothes on Thanksgiving, the same never goes for your bra. If there’s some space at the top of the cup, try tightening the straps. If that doesn’t solve the problem, you may need to go down a cup size.

Your bra cups should comfortably hold all of your breasts without any spillover from the top or bottom. To avoid this, be sure to gather your breasts and scoop them into each cup, sitting above the underwire. If your breasts are still spilling in any direction, or the underwire is digging into you, then you need to go up a cup size. Alternatively, try a full-coverage bra that will hold more.


Mistake #3: Your straps are slipping and sliding.

If you’ve tightened your bra straps but they’re still sliding off your shoulders, check your band size. It may be too large, or your bra may have lost its elasticity. Remember that straps loosen with washing and wear over time, so make sure to readjust them often.

Mistake #4: The band is riding up your back.

The band should be parallel to the floor. If it’s inching toward your shoulders or just not staying in place, it’s either too large or needs to be tightened. If you are already wearing your bra on the tightest closure, try going down. If your band is digging into your skin significantly, even in the loosest setting, go a size up.

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