Thousands Of Toy-Filled Plastic Eggs Get Washed Up Onto German Beach

Children in a German town were delighted after a powerful storm left one beach covered in thousands of plastic eggs.

The plastic eggs filled with small toys were scattered across the beach in the German town of Langeoog after Storm Axel knocked several containers off of a freighter belonging to a Danish firm, Reederei Maersk, according to Deutsche Welle.

Plastikeier auf Langeoog (picture-alliance/dpa/K. Kremer)

Storm Axel was responsible for some of the worst flooding in Germany since 2006, but Langeoog Mayor Uwe Garrels found a way to turn the massive mess caused by the storm into a positive for local kindergarteners by allowing them to keep the eggs for themselves, the BBC reported.

The surprise eggs have found their way to freedom,” he said.

Garrels added that any foreign companies or institutions who perceived the gesture as theft were welcome to collect the plastic eggs as well as the “untold amounts of plastic bags and other packaging materials” found on the shore.

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