Most people fail to prepare for their great resolutions – Victoria Michaels

Entertainment of Thursday, 5 January 2017



Vicky M JeansVictoria Michaels

Victoria Michaels has warned against unpreparedness, despite long list of resolutions and expectations for the year 2017 year.

“I am particularly excited about the year 2017, because it promises to be a great year for us… Some people have great expectations for the year but they fail to prepare for the expectation,” she admonished fans on her Instagram page.

She intimated that, the parlance which states that “success is what happens when opportunity meets preparation is not a cliche”.

The supermodel charged her fans that, she “believes in the greatness that this year will birth and prays [everyone] partake in it so that together we can grow stronger, empower, impact lives, build a better living environment for both ourselves and the people around us”.

She urged individual to ponder for a moment and to ask themselves if indeed, they are ready for the new year as much as the new year is ready for us?

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