Saboba residents demand fire station after bush-fire killed 2

Residents of Saboba in the Northern Region have called on authorities to as a matter of urgency establish a fire station in the district.

According to one of the residents, Mathias Licho, the constituency still depends on the Yendi fire station anytime there is a fire outbreak.

The constituents believe a fire station situated in the area will be prudent in times of need.

This became a matter of great concern to the residents after a bush fire killed two people, and left others injured on New Year’s day.

The victims were winnowing rice on a farm in Bukob, a suburb of Saboba.

“Saboba is a constituency on its own. Saboba was joined to the Chereponi district. It got to a point that Chereponi had to break off. It baffles me as to why Saboba has no fire service of its own, we have to depend on Yendi almost all of the time,” Mr. Licho lamented.