How To Fit Everything You Own Into A Small Wardrobe

1. Let go of everything you’re not actually using

Be Kind and give away old stuffs you’ve stopped wearing or items you bought and you know you’ll never wear again for any reason. This way, you won’t only benefit the less fortunate, you’ll also be able to see what you really like to wear, what you actually need to buy, and whenever you stand in front of your wardrobe, you won’t feel frustrated by the sight of clutter.

2. Put your clothes into categories.

Separate skirts from pants and tops and dresses, as you’ll be able to fit everything into the right place inside your wardrobe. Pants might take a bigger space in your wardrobe than skirts, so you need to dedicate a larger space for them. Organization always saves you space and makes it easy for you to look for anything.

3. Insert separators into drawers.

Clutter always takes a lot of space, so to save space, again you need to be organized, and to keep your drawers organized to fit everything in them, insert separators. This way, your tops and shirts will stay in place and they won’t mix with other stuff.

4. Use two rails to hang your clothes instead of using one.  

Use two rails above each other to hang your clothes to save space. When you use just one row, there’s a lot of wasted space under it that you can use.

5. Use boxes to organize clothes that you can’t find a place for.

Use boxes to organize your jeans and pants, and place them right under the hanged clothes! You can pull them out whenever you want, take whatever and place it back in; problem-free.