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Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Sitting On Tenterhooks


Ghana is going through stressful moments as citizens sit on tenterhooks. They have gone to the polls and after collating the results and convinced that their candidate has won the polls, the Electoral Commission (EC) Chairperson is withholding the declaration of the winner.

Although she is mandated by law to declare whoever won the polls, individuals can also work out the results having in their possession the collation sheets to guide them. The official declaration of the winner is the sole responsibility of the Electoral Commission (EC).

Yesterday, she addressed the media on why the winner of the polls has not been declared.

She also spoke about ensuring the legality of every process involved in managing results and declaration as winners.

Her address explained it all but as to whether it reduced the suspicion many have about her, is another kettle of fish.

Delayed election results and its attendant raising of tension do not help in the maintenance of trust.

Indeed, it has led to election disputes and bloodshed in many parts of Africa.

It is reason observers are worried about the rising tension and its possible disturbing fallouts in the country.

It’s our position that the EC should be mindful about the dangers. Let the chairperson therefore do all she can to be credible.

That there are 72 hours between the end of polls and the declaring of winners does not mean there should be deliberate delay of the action simply because the EC wants to be meticulous.

We find the aforementioned period long because collation and declaration could be done under 72 hours. This feat can reduce the tension which comes with the delay in declaring winners.

Charlotte should appreciate the tension that a delayed declaration of winners can cause in a country. Listening to her yesterday we can only give her the benefit of the doubt and just keep our fingers crossed as she sorts herself with the entanglements of calculating the figures, collating and eventually declaring the winner.

We appreciate the challenges that these entail and as requested by Nana Akufo-Addo that Ghanaians give the Chairperson of the Commission time to do her work as they go through the rollercoaster moments.

It would be necessary to remind those engaged in the work of managing our elections to remember that they would be doing a great service to our country when they attach the utmost sense of commitment to service and motherland in the work that they are engaged to do.



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