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Lifestyle: Before you date a married man


Entertainment of Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Source: Counselor Frank Adofoli


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These days we are losing our values, standards and morals in our society; dating the married has become fun for some singles. Chasing after someone’s husband has become a career for some lazy single ladies out there.

No wonder side-chick has become a new name for a husband snatcher. No matter how nice the name may sound, it still stinks, a complete polish on dirt.

No matter how good this might feel, no matter the needs this behaviour is meeting in your life, my humble caution to you is, don’t let how you feel make you forget what you deserve.

If the truth must be told, you deserve a full man and not a half man. A half man because as soon as the fight, conflict or little misunderstanding, which is associated with all marriages, is over in his home, bear in mind that the side chick position will be terminated. He will go back to his wife, leading him to always tell you “I am busy”.

Accept the fact that he is not your man, you are only a thief and have no right over him. If you think stealing him is the best option, remember you are not the only person good at stealing. Someone out there is better than you, and the way you got him is the same way you will lose him.

You can’t change or raise a grown man, you can do so to the one you gave birth to or who comes from you. You have nothing to lose if you have to let go. In fact letting go is like restoring the blessing you traded for a curse.

You are still young, beautiful and gorgeous. No matter the sex you give him, he will leave you for his wife. Whilst you are lonely missing him, he is lying next to his wife who is holding him. Think about that.

Always bear in mind that no relationship is problem-free. The fact that he is busy telling you problems in his relationship just to win sympathy love, doesn’t mean things will be supper smooth with you two. Even with the woman he knows so much and has lived with for years, he has issues, how much more you that he barely knows?

Don’t make any married man your ATM, your landlord or your boutique, instead work hard and have an ambition to earn your own money, your own place and a car if you want one. Don’t fall in love with “I will divorce her for you”. Not anyone who shows interest in you automatically qualifies to be with you. You need to have a standard else you are “I want anything that wants me”. That is the mark of desperation.

Ask for forgiveness from God, ask for forgiveness for the man too, this will help you to move on with peace in your heart instead of regrets and hatred. In conclusion “A good man has firm footing, but a crook will slip and fall” – Proverbs 10:9 (TLB).

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