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4 Ways To Use Baby Oil


1. Starting at the very top, it is an excellent moisturizer. I recommend applying the baby oil after you are done with the showering process. Usually a loofah exfoliates your skin, removes dead cells, and so applying it after rubbing your skin is the best. Emphasize on your knees and elbows. Do not wash it all away, just glide the shower hose over your the areas you applied once and you’re good to go. After the shower, just tap your skin with the towel, that way most of the oil gets absorbed into your skin leaving it baby smooth.


2. This goes without saying, baby oil is an excellent massage oil. You get a lovely massage and you leave your skin smooth. Two birds one stone.


3. Are you a bubble bath person? Well look no further for bubble bath soaps, because with baby oil you can make your own. Pick you favorite perfume and add a few drops to a quarter jar of baby oil and shake. After you mix it, you can enjoy a bubble bath with your favorite scent.


4. Wondering how else you can use baby oil? Well, it’s very good for your nails too. Most of us get our nails done on the weekend, apply baby oil to your nails every night before you sleep to keep your nails looking their best. On another note, baby oil is very good for cuticles, so don’t forget to moisturize them.


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