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Different Sauces You Can Have With Rice


We all know the conventional Rice and Stew, Rice and Beans, Rice and plantain, rice is the most versatile food you can have, there other different ways you can have your rice;

1. Chicken sauce using corn powder as a thickener, you can chop potatoes inside too.


Banga stew Popularly referred to as Ofe Akwu, banga stew is a palm nut stew native to the Igbo tribe of Nigeria. While making this stew can take a lot of time as you have to extract the palm oil juice from the palm nuts, it is usually worth the stress in the end as the taste is absolutely yummy. The only ingredients you need include: palm fruits or palm fruit concentrate, beef, dry fish, vegetable (scent leaves for ofe akwu or dried and crushed bitter leaves for Delta-style banga soup), onions, crayfish, stock cubes, iru, salt and chilli pepper (to taste).


Beef Stew; This is one of my two favorite stews and while it’s perfect for St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, you definitely don’t need an excuse to make it year-round. Prepared like you’d prepare pepper soup. But with chopped beef, peppers, onions, carrots.guinness-beef-stew-5-600-fw
Ofada stew Also called “Ayamase”, Ofada stew that is usually made to go with a special kind of local rice referred to as Ofada rice. The sauce can however be used to eat normal white rice, yam, plantain and even spaghetti. The sauce is pretty easy to make and the only ingredients you need include: unripe habanero peppers, green tatashe or green bell peppers, locust bean seasoning (iru, ogiri okpei or dawadawa), red palm oil, onion, crayfish, assorted meat and fish.

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