Doryumu youth attack toll collectors

A group of young men in Doryumu near Dodowa in the Greater Accra region have launched violent attacks on toll collectors at some quarry sites in the area.

The group, allegedly backed by the Shai Traditional Council, wants the toll collectors to hand over the activities to them.

According to Edward Nakitey, a journalist resident in the area, the group visited the site and attacked the toll collectors forcing them to flee.

The Hiowewem Clans Representative Committee, which won a court case over the toll collection about eight years ago, is responsible for collecting and managing the tolls but the Traditional Council wants to take over that responsibility, hence the attack.

He added that the young men have occasionally attacked the toll collected on the various sites over the same issue.

At each instance, the Police was notified for punitive actions to be taken, however the incident reoccurs.

“This morning, some youth gathered and began attacking them [toll collectors]…. they come in to prevent those collecting it originally from collecting the tolls today with the view of taking over the site,” he said.

The police are yet to make a statement on the development.

‘Police arrest irate youth’

In 2014, the Tema Regional SWAT Unit arrested some 55 angry youth after they stormed the quarry sites and demanded traditional revenue tickets and the sales for the day.

Some of the angry youth were said to be wielding machete and other weapons.


By: Jonas Nyabor/