See the adorable couple who has been dating for 12 years

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Entertainment of Saturday, 29 October 2016



Couple 12The beautiful couple who went viral for dating for 12 years

When love is being discussed, there is nothing as wonderful as finding a partner who makes your heart beat faster than it should. Being with someone who knows what every sign you make mean even before you speak is simply awesome.

Relationships have their rules and regulations; what may be applicable with a couple may not work for another couple. That is why some people feel frustrated when they compare the growth of their relationship with that of their friends who started at the same time with them.

When some relationship experts advise couples and individuals about relationships, they may condemn the prospect of being with a partner for a long period. Now this is not entirely their fault. They are merely responding to the needs of the society as they have their clients best interest at heart.

Some couples date for a longer period and have nothing to show for it. This is because they break up before they get to the alter. As excruciating as the pain that comes from such breakups could be, life continues, they have to move on.

On the other hand, some couples meet their partners within a short period and before you know it, they are married. Does it now mean that life is being unfair and those who stayed in relationships for longer periods do not know how to act?

The picture of the beautiful couple you see here has gone viral as they have melted the hearts of readers. They have been dating since 2004 and are still blooming with love.

This is quite a feat as it requires a lot of energy and dedication. In this society of ours, dating for 12 years may seem like a waste of time but this beautiful match has been able to prove everyone wrong by still being together.

The picture of the couple says a whole lot about their journey. These guys are simply adorable. What are your thoughts concerning them?