Govt must engage local cable manufacturers- ReRoy Cables

Local cable manufacturers have appealed to government to enforce the country’s local content laws to protect indigenous businesses.

According to them, government can make local cable producers competitive by enforcing the local content laws to ensure that electric cables that are produced in the country are used.

Speaking to Citi Business News, the Chief Operating Officer of ReRoy Cables, Roy Kotei stated that though prices of some local products are relatively higher than imported ones, government can protect the local industry by ceding some contracts to them to undertake.

“To specify a policy that says we have to buy 100 percent of the product in Ghana provided the quality is good and the capacity is there to supply you that product, and as long as it is here we have to do that,” he said.

He was of the view that enforcing policies that compel government agencies to engage local policies will also position them to compete with international organization that come into the country to undertake operation.

He was of the view that the model has been used by developed countries to build their economies; hence Ghana can emulate such policies.

“You look at countries like China and others, they have achieved what they have achieved, they make most of the world’s products because they started locally. China and India, their populations are huge so they had the local market to make this policy work,” he said.

By:Anita Arthur/