Now That The Cat Is Out

Salifu Mase aka Mugabe

As part of the stakeholders of the country’s democracy, we now know the benefactors of the motivation for the Montie 3 pipers’ descent into the gutters.

Before Salifu Mase aka Mugabe’s lamentation a couple of days ago, speculations were rife about the sponsors of the scathing occupation.

All of the conjectures were directed at the ruling party.

It is instructive though that Mugabe had hinted about how he was working for the President, having come to Ghana from the UK where he was sojourning to undertake the occupation which by implication was supporting the Number One Gentleman’s political mission.

It was not surprising therefore that the brief incarceration of the trio and therefore their departure from the frequency created a worrying vacuum which their motivators filled through a complex web of ruses cumulating in the Presidential pardon.

Their terms of reference were clearly spelt out, including perhaps the monetary dividend for their dirty operations against political opponents and occasionally selected public officials, whose work were perceived not to be inuring to the interest of the ruling party.

Today, the squad leader, representing his colleagues on the infamous programme, is disappointed at the non-adherence to the terms of the deal with the President and his team in whose interest they have been engaged in the insulting spree.

We now know that those behind Mugabe’s return to Ghana from the UK listen to him each time he sits behind the console and spews the garbage against political opponents; definitely relishing the circus.

This is how bad politics has become in this country.

We shudder to think that society’s elites and the educated on whose shoulders the development of the country lies would descend so low as to countenance and indeed support the growth of such crap in our body-politick.

It is shameful that this has continued for this long with little or nothing being done about it by institutions or civil society organizations: we are yet to witness such bodies descending heavily on the anomaly which has changed the pattern of politics in the country.

We now appreciate the enormity of the stress the President had to endure when the trio was incarcerated after falling foul of the law and why he eventually, against popular dissent, invoked the constitutional powers bestowed upon him, albeit, erroneously to have them released after the remission of their sentences.

The Montie 3’s dirty political operation is an NDC project, part of the overall strategy of the ruling party to spew mendacious tales about political opponents in a manner that would better their electoral chances and attract public opprobrium for the largest opposition party, especially its flag bearer.

Life is always in a flux, no condition being permanent. The freebies are not flowing as consistently as they should, leaving the trio famished, especially, after their brief stay in incarceration and the unenviable tag of ex-convicts.

Mugabe claimed rather interestingly that for those who think having done some days in prison and now out they are enjoying some special goodies, such persons must review their expectations since, for him, nothing special has been extended to the trio.

He lamented also about non-receipt of advertisements to sustain their station.

The poor guy does not know that decent businesses do not want to associate with their assignment.

Perhaps the sponsors, following this turn of events and the possibility of further pissing in, would push some fat wads of cash to the Montie 3 so the verbal fabrications can continue.

Wo pampaso nie, Mugabe nie, nkwasiasem nie!