You need Holy Spirit to write hit songs – Okyeame Kwame

Entertainment of Thursday, 27 October 2016



Ok Lordplay videoGhanaian rapper Kwame Nsiah Apau, aka, Okyeame Kwame

Ghanaian rapper Kwame Nsiah Apau, known by his stage name as Okyeame Kwame, has explained that he believes Lord Kenya’s claims that he waiting on the holy spirit to drop another hit song.

Speaking on the Cosmopolitan Mix with Amanda Jissih on Joy FM Tuesday, he admitted that he equally gets inspired by the Holy Spirit when writing his lyrics and added that it is something every artiste experiences.

Recently, Lord Kenya disclosed that he hasn’t released any hit song for six years because he is waiting for inspiration from the Holy Spirit.

Okyeame Kwame reacting to this comment said, “Sometimes, yes. You know, every artiste is inspired by spirits. They’re called the muse. And they are nine spirits that will come and visit you whiles you’re writing or sleeping to come and inspire you.”

He added that “Well I think that for an artiste to say that he’s waiting for a spiritual muse to inspire him, yes. But, beyond that inspiration is the promotion, marketing, branding, secondary association, and all those things the Holy Spirit will not do for you. But what he’s saying is really relevant. The Holy Spirit can inspire him to write the same way it arrested him.”

The ‘Faithful’ hit singer reminisced how he used to know Lord Kenya back in the day highlighting some of his bad smoking and drinking habits.

He added that he believes the former rapper especially because of how he could quit smoking and drinking abruptly without any medical help.

“You know, speaking about Lord Kenya is a little bit sensitive because I have known Lord Kenya since 1988 and I have known how bad, how rude, how crazy, how bad he was since 1988.

“Yes, because I was in the same class with Lord Kenya in 2003 at KASS and the Economics teacher asked him, ah Kenya, are you still a bad boy? He stood up and said yes sir,” he said.

“And that was how bad he was. So, for him to say that I’ve been smoking weed for twenty years and have stopped without any counseling or medication, I really think that has really changed so when I’m talking about him, I massage it properly because I know him.

And the way he used to drink alcohol and the amount of smoke he consumed, there’s no way any man can change from that without professional help,” he narrated.