VIP Transport Buses Blocked

Forecourt of VIP Transport [Inset:  Amponsah Marfo]

The contractor executing the Kwame Nkrumah Circle Interchange project has blocked the access route to VIP Jeoun Transport Company Limited at Circle, Accra.

Owing to the development, the VIP buses cannot move freely in and out of the yard which has affected the operations of the transport company.


Apart from the blocking the access road, the constructor also failed to create a bus stop that will enable passengers to alight there.


When BUSINESS GUIDE visited the VIP Transport at circle, there was congestion at the location, as the buses were struggling to get in and out of the yard while passengers in private cars were also finding it difficult to enter the yard.

The access route to the yard has been blocked with a pavement.


However, companies such as the State Transport Company have a bus stop and access route.


Now passengers wanting to board VIP buses to their various destinations have to alight at the Circle ‘Trotro’ station and walk to VIP station.


Those in private cars too have to pass through the road that leads to the Ghana Water Company Circle office before they can enter the VIP station.


Collapsing business


Director of VIP Jeoun Transport Company Limited, Yaw Amponsah Marfo, in an interview with BUSINESS GUIDE, said the contractor’s refusal to create access route to the yard or create a bus stop in front of the VIP was intentional, stating that some people who want to collapse his business pushed the contractor to block the access road.


“I hear they want to revamp STC that is why they are doing that. Now they want to drive away all our passengers by frustrating them.  Once they get frustrated, then they will go and board STC buses. This is not right,” Mr. Amponsah Marfo said.


He expressed dissatisfaction with the performance of the constructor.


According to him, the contractor’s decision to permanently block access to the VIP transport yard was not appropriate and could lead to the collapse of his transport business.


Mr. Amponsah Marfo called on the Minister of Transport, Fifi Kwetey and Minister of Roads and Highways Inusah Fuiseni to intervene in the matter to ensure that the right thing is done.


Land compensation


Meanwhile, the government has not compensated the VIP Transport company for taking over some of its land for the road construction.


“We gave part of our land to them without taking compensation because we realized that the construction of the interchange will benefit Ghanaians and ease traffic. Little did we know that they will be blocking the route to our office which is not right.”


He called on engineers in the country to visit the VIP Transport and assess the work of the contractor.


By Cepha Larbi

[email protected]