BBnZ Live Launches New CSR Initiative

One of the bins near the Kawu Kudi Junction, Maamobi

Ghana’s premier record label, PR and advertising firm BBnZ Live has rolled out its latest corporate social responsibility campaign which will focus on sanitation in urban areas.

The campaign, dubbed, ‘Keep Your City Clean,’ was launched last month with the installation of litterbins and handheld rubbish receptacles in various locations in Accra and Tema.

The installed bins are a dramatic change from the regular rubbish bins normally found at bus stops and other public areas.

These units are built from an aluminum and plastic casing, and have separate receptacles for recyclable and non-recyclable waste, plastics, cigarette butts and old batteries which form a large part of the rubbish in our cities.

Explaining the rationale behind the initiative, Directors of the firm, Alvin Bekoe and Kwame Blay, said the launch of the campaign was in line with the firm’s mantra of giving back to the community wherever possible.

“This Keep Your City Clean’ campaign has been launched in partnership with waste management company ZoomLion and would hopefully be expanded to cover every major city in Ghana in the near future,” Mr. Bekoe explained.

BBnZ Live last year, as part of its social responsibility programmes, embarked on the event dubbed, ‘World’s Largest Bowl of Fried Rice.’

One of the bins at Tema

bbnz-live-launches-new-csr-initiative-1-1                                                                                                      bbnz-live-launches-new-csr-initiative-11 The company fed over 3,000 under privileged children at the Accra Independence Square in October 2015 and attempted to break a Guinness World record for cooking the largest amount of friedrice at the venue.

Mr Blay further explained that “both initiatives fall under the firm’s NGO, the BBnZ Live Foundation, which focuses on underprivileged and street children. The ‘Keep Your City Clean’ campaign is meant to help keep the areas and bus stops these street children usually frequent clear of hand held rubbish and litter where possible in a more aesthetically pleasing way.”

Some of the bins are even solar powered, providing illumination around the bin and making the bus stops safe for the general public, he stated.

Adverts can also be placed on bins to enable various corporate and private companies to engage in the campaign and support the cause.

Proceeds from the adverts will be used for the NGO’s support programmes.


A business desk report